Upcoming Webinars

We have had many request for webinars and classes so we have put together a schedule of upcoming webinars that you can watch from the comfort of your own home. Everyone that registers will receive a copy of the video that can be replayed.

Tech Gift Ideas

November 27th 11am-12pm


Join this webinar to hear about our favorite tech products, accessories, and online services. You will learn about some great gift ideas for the techie on your shopping list and some websites that you can get unique gifts for the non-techie that you love.

Tech Self Defense

December 13th 3-4pm


Join this to webinar to learn how to protect yourself from technology threats. You will learn how to avoid scams online, defend your computer from viruses/malware, preserve your privacy, and ensure your data is backed up.

Cutting The Cord

January 8th 11am-12pm


Are you fed up with how expensive your TV bill is? Do you feel like you are paying way too much for cable or satellite? In this webinar we will show you how you can cut the cord, save a ton of money, and still watch all the channels you care about. We will tell you what the options are and what you need to make it a reality. Your wallet will thank you!


February 1st 9am-10am


In this webinar you will learn why you need to have strong secure unique passwords and how to set up an organized system so you can easily keep track of your passwords. We will also discuss the benefits of using a password manager like 1Password or Last Pass.


March 1st 3-4pm


In this webinar you will learn about various ways to deal with your email. From apps that can help you triage and make sense of your email to techniques and philosophies that can help you deal with your overwhelming inbox.

Overview of iOS 12

In this blog post, Mike Pahl from Nice Guy Technology LLC educates you about the new features found in iOS 12, tells you which devices it can be installed on, shows you how to install it and gives you some more background on TheiPhoneCourse.com

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macOS Mojave - Special Offer

In this blog post, Mike Pahl from Nice Guy Technology LLC, tells you about macOS Mojave coming this fall. He extends a special offer to those of you who want your Mac tuned up and upgraded.

Listen to this audio clip to learn more!

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This package includes a Mac Tuneup, an upgrade to macOS Mojave (if your computer supports it), and Pick Up & Delivery of your Mac.

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Summer of Routers - VPNFilter

In this blog post, Mike Pahl from Nice Guy Technology LLC, declares 2018 the Summer of Routers due to the VPNFilter malware infecting routers.

Watch this video to learn more about the malware and how a new router in 2018 may make sense for you due to better security, strong signal, and faster speeds.

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Nice Guy Technology LLC - Summer of Routers - VPNFilter Malware

Valuable Info - iOS 11.3 - Battery Health

In this blog post, Mike Pahl from Nice Guy Technology LLC shows you how to update to iOS 11.3 on your iPhone. He also shows you a new feature found in iOS 11.3, "Battery Health".

This blog post is brought to you by www.TheiPhoneCourse.com where you can learn how to better use your iPhone for just $5 per month.

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