Arm Your Android

Today, I was reading the latest Wired Magazine and as I was turning the pages I came across an advertisement titled ARM YOUR ANDROID from ESET Internet Security.

The first portion of the ad presents some statistics about Android.

  • 500,000 Number of Android-based phones activated daily, making it the best-selling type of smartphone in the world.

  • 1,000 New Android apps added to the market each day

  • 400+ Number of infected apps, up from 80 in six months

  • 1 million Android users affected by malware in the first half of 2011 alone

The second part of the ad is titled DOS AND DON'TS OF ANDROID APPS.

  • DO a background check on the app developer. Search online to see if they are legit.

  • DO install a mobile security product for your Android device.

  • DON’T download apps that are not on official Android app stores (you may have higher exposure to cracked or pirated apps).

  • DON’T reveal purchase information to any apps that are not officially released by your financial institution.

I don’t know about you but I don’t want to worry about downloading an App on my mobile device to find out that I downloaded something with a virus or malware. I also don’t want to have to complete a background check on the developer of an App before downloading.

That’s why I will be sticking with Apple’s iOS devices for the foreseeable future!