Small Business Website: On The Spot Detail

I was hired by Leon White, owner of On The Spot Detail to create a website for his auto detailing business in Farmington.

Before designing the website I sat down with Leon and his wife and discussed what their goals were for this website.

They wanted to make it easy for potential clients to contact them. A challenge that they were facing was that they recently cancelled the land line that was associated with the business and switched over to using a cell phone. This saved money and allowed Leon to answer the phone when he was away from the shop but all the local search websites (Bing Local, Google Maps, DexOnline, SuperPages, YellowPages) and the phonebook had the land line and not the cell phone listed and potential clients had no way to contact Leon.

The other goal stated was to build awareness that the business existed. Leon White has been detailing cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, and RVs for over 9 years in the Farmington area but very few people know that his business exists. Much of this has to do with the location near White Funeral Home in Farmington which is not on a high traffic road. Much of Leon's current business comes from word of mouth and he was hoping to increase the amount of new clients he worked with.

We kept the website simple with a clean design. We focused on making the contact info prominent and made it easy for people to see what services Leon offers.

While there is not much content on the website at this point there is room to grow in the future. The plan is to eventually include testimonials and before and after pictures.

Besides designing the website, I handled the purchase of the domain name, the set up of an email account for the business, and updating business information on the local search websites (Bing Local, Google Maps, DexOnline, SuperPages, YellowPages).

Between updating those sites with the correct contact info and the creation of the On The Spot Detail website, Leon will start to see some new clients checking out his business.

If you own a small business and have no website you should highly consider getting one. I would love to chat with you about this! Feel free to contact me!