A Week In The Life Of Nice Guy Technology

Occasionally, I will have people ask me what I do for a living. The typical answer that I give is that I own my own business helping people get the most out of their technology. I then go on to explain that I teach community ed, give individual instruction, help people purchase and setup their technology, and design websites. This is all very general so I thought I would give you a glimpse into a week of what I actually do. The week that I am sharing with you is the week before Christmas in December 2011.

On Sunday evening I received a message from one of my high school teachers. Her mom was having issues with her computer and was traveling on Tuesday morning. She wanted to know if there was any chance I could stop by her mom's house to help resolve the issue (trying to burn photos to discs), before her mom had to leave town. I agreed I could be there at 8am on Monday morning. Fortunately, for her mom she was able to resolve the issue on her own and left me a voicemail on Monday morning stating that she didn't need me that morning but would like to hire me to come by after Christmas to make sure everything was functioning optimally on her computer.

On Monday afternoon I spent two hours with a gal down in Northfield. During our time together I spent time training her on iPhoto. We spent some time going over organizing photos and showing her how to use the GPS function on her digital camera. We also spent some time connecting her AppleTV to her iMac so she could access photos and music in her living room. The gal was so pleased with her training session that she scheduled another appointment for later in the week.

It was back to Northfield on Tuesday. A retired couple saw my picture on the front cover of the Northfied Community Ed book and they googled my name, found my website, and contacted me. They were having issues with their wireless network and had recently purchased an iPad. The wireless issues must have solved themselves because everything was functioning properly when I arrived. We spent the time together going over some basics on the iPad 2. We setup their email, installed a couple apps (Facebook & Skype), turned on iCloud syncing and backup, setup a Skype account and practiced making and receiving Skype calls.

On Wednesday morning I had an appointment in Burnsville with a gal that I worked with in November. Her appointment in November was spent going over some basics on the iPad 2 and getting her Windows 7 computer cleaned up from some of the junk that was slowing it down. Now that she has had a month to play with the iPad 2 she had come up with a list of questions that she wanted answered. I helped her fix an issue with her email account, made sure her anti-virus software was functioning properly, and set things up so she could print wirelesly from her iPad 2. I then taught her how to download music from the iTunes store, create a playlist in the Music app, and showed her how to print from her iPad 2. In 2011 she had taken a trip to Italy and had hundreds of photos that she wanted to share with family over Christmas. She didn't have time to learn how to put together a nice slideshow before Christmas so she asked me if she could pay me to do it. I agreed and copied the photos onto my external harddrive and told her I would have it to her before Christmas Eve.

On Thusday I had no appointments with clients. I spent the day testing out the Nook SimpleTouch (review coming soon), putting together the Italy slideshow, and recording an episode of my podcast called Football & French Toast.

It was back to Northfield on Friday morning. I was working with the gal from Monday once again. We spent the session together working in iPhoto, resolving some email issues on her iPad and iPhone 3GS, going over how to share a photo slideshow on her AppleTV, teaching her husband how to use Square to accpet credit card payments for his business, setting her up so she could print wirelessly from her iPad and iPhone 3GS, and showing her how to use her mobile wifi device from Verizon.

Before heading home for the day I swung by Burnsville to drop off the Italy slideshow. Before leaving I made sure the DVD worked properly in her Blu-Ray player. She had some family over when I arrrived and they had some questions about their iPads so I showed them how to FaceTime each other and answered some other basic questions.

On Saturday we were celebrating Christmas Eve with the Petersons (aka Britta's dad's side of the family). One of the family members wanted me to take a look at her laptop because it had been running slow lately. I cleaned up a few things and explained to her the reasons that her computer was running a bit slow (full hard drive and not enough RAM).

As you can see, in a given week I help lots of people in a variety ways. If you or someone you know could use my help with getting the most out of technology please contact me, I would love to help!