Another reason to be cautious about purchasing the Kindle Fire

Mitch Lipka points out another reason parents should be cautious of purchasing the Kindle Fire.

What happens is that when you order a Kindle Fire – which differs from the Kindle reader by allowing users to browse the web, play games, video and music – it comes with your Amazon account information preloaded, along with “1-Click” ordering. That means anyone who is holding that device can place an order, whether it’s their account or not. No prompts come up to confirm the purchase or ask for a password.

So that means that the itchy fingers of toddlers can click way, including the 3-year-old daughter of Scenic Labs founder Jason Rosenfeld. He says his daughter was using the device and clicked on an image of a children’s product that appeared on the screen because it was in his shopping history — he had browsed the item while holiday shopping on his PC.

It will be interesting to see if Amazon responds with a software update that prompts users to enter a password to confirm purchases. If they don’t parents should be careful as kids will certainly click away!