5 Things - Week Ending 3/30/12

This is the first post in a series called 5 Things. Each week I will share a combination of technology articles and apps that I have discovered and liked in the past week.

Is Best Buy following CompUSA, Circuit City to certain doom?

This article explains why Best Buy might be on the same path as CompUSA and Circuit City:

The Apple factor and the boutique store experience: The Apple retail experience hurts Best Buy. My not-so-hypothetical case (i.e., myself, family, friends) is you have a choice between buying a laptop at Best Buy or the Apple Store. Buy a MacBook at the Apple Store and it’s hard to go back to the Best Buy Windows laptop buying experience. Apple salespeople are generally more knowledgeable, the products themselves are generally higher quality, and the stores are more appealing, aesthetically and practically (looks, layout). This trend is exacerbated by the growing popularity of Apple products. If people are going to buy an iPhone, iPad, MacBook, or Mac at a brick-and-mortar outlet, it’s going to happen more often at an Apple Store than at a Best Buy.

Printer ink: Tired of feeding the cash cow?

Lamont Wood:

Human blood costs about $17.27 an ounce, silver about $34 an ounce. But both are bargains compared to the ink sold to the owners of inkjet printers, which can exceed $80 an ounce. Meanwhile, the ink used to print newspapers costs about 16 cents an ounce.

Does anyone else feel like they are getting ripped off when it comes to the world of printer ink?

Making Sense of Mac Keyboard Symbols

People frequently ask me what the various symbols mean that they see in the menus on their Mac. Here you go:

⌘ is the Command () key
⌃ is the Control key
⌥ is the Option (alt) key
⇧ is the Shift key
⇪ is the Caps Lock key
fn is the Function key


I don't have an ounce of artistic ability in my body but for those that do this is a really neat app that allows you to draw, sketch, color, and create.

The Daily

A few days ago I downloaded The Daily for the first time and I have to admit I really like this digital only magazine. It feels like it was designed specifically to take advantage of the iPad. Check it out for free for two weeks then subscribe for 99¢ a week or $39.99 a year.

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