5 Things - Week Ending 4/6/12

This is the 2nd post in a series called 5 Things. Each week I will share a combination of technology articles and apps that I have discovered and liked in the past week.

How Apple Makes the World a Better Place | Cult of Mac

Mike Elgan:

Will we live in the Walmart, Google and Amazon world of scorched-earth policies that make everything shoddy and everyone poor? Or will we live in the Apple world in which high quality prices command reasonably priced products that enable everyone involved to make a good living?

Yes, Apple should give more to charity. But nothing it can give will be as valuable as Apple’s powerful contributions to high-quality products, living wages, thriving retail spaces and a robust economy.

I don't know about you but I would much rather live in the Apple world than the Wal-Mart world.

Screen Rage is the New Temper-Tantrum

David Pell:

Anyone who's been within a thousand miles of one can tell you… There is no tantrum like a Put-Down-the-iPad Tantrum.

Does this surprise anyone? Adults and teenagers have a hard enough time being pulled away from their iPhones, iPads, and laptops. Little kids have no chance to resist the allure of the bright glowing screen of the iPad.

4G or Not 4G: A Guide to Cut Through All the “Fast” Talk

Walt Mossberg:

Of all the confusing technology terms used in consumer marketing today, perhaps the most opaque is “4G,” used to describe a new, much faster generation of cellular data on smartphones, tablets and other devices. It sounds simple, but there are many varieties of 4G and conflicting claims.

AT&T claims “The nation’s largest 4G network,” and T-Mobile says it has “America’s largest 4G network.” Verizon Wireless boasts “America’s fastest 4G network,” and Sprint says it had the first 4G network.

Walt Mossberg does a great job explaining the very confusing world of 4G.

New Apple iPad tops our tablet Ratings

Consumer Reports:

As a result of the standout performance of the new iPad’s screen, we have recalibrated our standard of excellence for tablet screens. The iPad alone now receives an excellent overall score for display quality. A number of current models, including the iPad 2 (which remains on sale and is a fine performer), that received excellent scores under the past standard will now be adjusted to receive very good scores overall. Likewise, some models that received good scores may also be adjusted downward, and some overall scores have changed slightly.

After using the new iPad for the past three weeks I have to agree that the new iPad's screen is that good.

Project Glass: Google Shows Off, Teases Augmented Reality Spectacles (VIDEO)

Jason Gilbert:

Being a four-eyes has never been so cool.

In theory this looks really cool and useful. I wonder if Google will be able to turn it into a real shipping product?