5 Things - Week Ending 5/25/12

This is the 9th post in a series called 5 Things. Each week I will share a combination of technology articles and apps that I have discovered and liked in the past week.

3 Simple Secrets to Love Your Work

Courtney Carver:

Help People. When you are focused on the bottom dollar, email, spreadsheets, and exceeding goals, you are forgetting the most meaningful part of your business. Regardless of your position, you have an incredible opportunity to help people. If you meet those people, learn about their lives and think about them when you are doing your work. If you have a behind the scenes job, remember that you are helping real people. They have families, dreams, hopes and worries just like you.

This is one of the reasons that I love running Nice Guy Technology! Everyday I get to help people. Sometimes it is something small like helping someone decide between which iPad to buy; sometimes it is helping a business owner during a crisis at 10pm when their printer doesn't work and they have a report that needs to be turned in first thing in the morning; sometimes it's teaching someone how to edit and organize photos from their recent trip to Europe. Whatever the case, I get to learn a little about their lives. I hear about the grandkids, the cabins up north, the stories of days gone by, and so much more.

At the end of the day I still have to send emails, update spreadsheets, and edit blog posts, but the part that makes it all worth my while is helping people get the most out of their technology.

A Duet With Siri (iPhone 4s Song

This video made me laugh. "What's the meaning of life? 42." Got to love Siri.

Facebook Is Going To Be Even More Annoying Now That It’s Public

Mat Honan:

To be worth the enormous stack of cash it’s raising in its IPO, Facebook need to earn a lot more money. And that means bleeding its users privacy even more than it already does. Facebook made a mere $1.21 per user last quarter. Sure. It has a ton of users, but that’s a low number, not the kind of thing it’s making up on volume. By comparison, Google earned $7.14 . Both Google and Facebook are in the business of selling you to advertisers. And Facebook is going to need to get way better at it. And that means doing more things to annoy you, mess with your privacy, and generally be loathsome in all the ways it already is, but more so.

But I'm pretty sure that we'll look back on the privately held Facebook as the good-old days, when it respected our privacy and didn't go too far into tracking everything we did, everywhere we went. And that makes me kind of sad. And really scared.

The theme of privacy online is something that I have been thinking alot about in 2012. The more I learn the more I am creeped out. I wouldn't be surprised that some point in the future you will read a blog post titled, "Why I Quit Facebook".

iOS travel apps: How Ars books, executes, and gets around

Jacqui Cheng:

Nearly every time I travel—whether it's for vacation or for work—people crawl out of the woodwork to ask me which iOS apps I use when on the road. And yes, there is a certain group of apps that I only use when I travel, but they are quickly becoming essential to managing a smooth trip.

As we approach the summer travel season I thought this article might come in handy for some of the readers out there. I haven't really used many of the apps that he mentions but I look forward to trying them out next time I am taking a trip. I personally have heard good things about Hipmunk.

In 2011, when Britta and I spent three weeks in Europe we used City Maps 2Go and Paris 2Go. They came in very useful.

Paris 2Go

Paris 2Go

The developer also offers city guides for London, Rome, New York, Chicago, Barcelona, Venice, Amsterdam, Prague, Munich, Vienna, and Berlin.

Cobook: The Smart Address Book

Ever since Lion came out for the Mac I thought the Address Book was awful. It is no longer easy to use and quite honestly it looks horrible.

One day I discovered a new app called Cobook. They proclaim that Cobook is a "smarter" address book. I have been using a beta version of Cobook for months now and this week it has been released in the App Store. It is fantastic! Easy to use, attractive to look at, and has tons of neat features that Apple's Address Book lacks. I would highly recommend Cobook to anyone who is unhappy with Address Book on the Mac.

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