How I Saved A Client $142.42 And Much Time

This past week the mother of one of Britta's voice lesson students approached me about helping her replace her PC that was not functioning very well anymore. I asked numerous questions so I could understand the family's wants and needs in a new computer setup.

After asking questions we determined that:

  • The family wanted a computer that wouldn't have issues with viruses and malware
  • They needed Microsoft Office for the kids to do schoolwork
  • They wanted to be able to print wirelessly from all devices in the home (PC laptop, new computer, three iPads, and two iPod Touches)
  • They wanted to stream Netflix on their Wii in the living room.

We discussed the pros/cons of a new PC vs. a new Mac and we determined that a new Mac Mini would fit the family's lifestyle well. They already had a display, keyboard, and mouse so they didn't have the need to purchase and iMac. They spent a lot of time using the multiple iPads and iPod Touches that they owned and really enjoyed the experience those devices provided. The kids used Macs in school and would not have an issue adjusting.

We determined that a new wireless router would be beneficial to support the numerous devices that would be accessing the internet at the same time. We decided to go with the Apple Airport Extreme because it offers great range and fast speeds. It also offers simultaneous dual band support which is ideal for homes that are using multiple devices that support different bands which her family had.

We purchased Microsoft Office 2011 For Mac for the kids to do their homework with.

We considered replacing her current printer with a new AirPrint compatible printer so that the iPads and iPod Touches would be able to print wirelessly. The AirPort Extreme supports attaching a printer to it via USB and can share the printer over the wireless network. iOS devices are not able to print directly to a printer attached to the AirPort Extreme. We installed a small piece of software on the Mac Mini so that the iOS devices could send their file to the Mac Mini which then would be send to the printer attached to the AirPort Extreme. It sounds complicated but once it is set up you don't have to even think about it.

Had the client walked into the Apple Store and purchased everything on her list she would have paid $1312.89. She instead had me do the shopping for her and I was able to purchase everything on the list for $870.49. I saved her $442.42 on the equipment by knowing where to purchase each item for the best price.

She hired me for six hours to purchase the equipment, set up the equipment, transfer data from two old PCs to the new Mac, and do some other random technology tasks (run software updates on all devices in the house, install new anti-virus software on PC laptop, setup Netflix on Wii, etc.). This ended up costing her $300. At the end of the day the client saved $142.42 by hiring me to help her and she didn't have to do a single thing.

I saved her money and a whole lot of time and potential frustration. I also took the old PC computer that was functioning so poorly and was able to get it fully functional once again and possibly working even better than when it was brand new.

If you or someone you know is looking to replace technology in the home it would be worth contacting me.