5 Things - Week Ending 6/1/12

This is the 10th post in a series called 5 Things. Each week I will share a combination of technology articles and apps that I have discovered and liked in the past week.

Computers = Trucks

John Lilly:

A couple of years ago at D8, Steve Jobs said on stage something like this: computers as we know them won’t go away, but they won’t be used nearly as much. They’ll be like trucks: most people don’t drive around in them all the time, but they’ll use them for special purposes, to get particular types of work done.

I think that Steve Jobs was spot on. Tablets and smartphones are more than capable enough to do the majority of tasks that the average person wants and needs to do. I see Steve Job's analogy this way:

A Ford F-150 hauling a boat to a lake up north is to the average Minnesota cabin goer as a MacBook Pro is to the photographer who uses Photoshop to edit hundreds of photos from a photo shoot.

A Toyota Camry picking up kids from soccer practice and eggs from the grocery store is to the average parent as the iPad is to the same parent who wants to check their email, see what their friends are up to on Facebook, and play a game of Angry Birds during some down time.

Different vehicles and gadgets have their place in peoples' lives, but for day to day use I think that a Toyota Camry and an iPad are more practical than a Ford F-150 and a traditional computer.

RIM Weighs Options, Maybe You Should Too

RIM’s ship is sinking. The company announced its second straight losing quarter, and plans to let a significant number of employees go. It has also reportedly enlisted the support of J.P. Morgan Chase and RBS Capital Markets to help it shop for partners or suitors to eke out some value before the whole thing comes crashing down. If your business relies on BlackBerry devices, perhaps its time for you to consider your options as well.

If you are still rocking a Blackberry in 2012 it might be time to look at new phones when your contract expires. It doesn't look good for RIM these days and I wouldn't continue to invest in their platform.

A Plea for Phone Free Zones

Courtney Carver:

Technology makes us ultra-available, but we have the choice to power down, turn off, and silence the demands on our time. The best place to start is with that little box you toss in your purse, strap to your belt or slide in your pocket. This is a plea for phone free zones. A plea for my safety and your peace of mind.

Yesterday, as I was biking home from working at Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church, I almost ran over a woman who was walking in the opposite direction because she was so engrossed in whatever she was doing on her cell phone.

This article suggests the following places be phone free zones:

  • Cars
  • Crosswalks
  • Restaurants
  • Grocery stores
  • Bed
  • Movie theaters
  • Bathrooms.

I agree.

Timer :

I discovered Timer : this past week and I have to say it does one thing and it does it really well. It helps you set timers fast. This is something that I am constantly doing on my iPod Touch. The app is super simple and easy to use. Open it up, tap on one of the large buttons with the time that you need and you are done!


I downloaded SpellTower a couple weeks ago and I knew right away that it would be Britta's new favorite game. It a cross between Tetris and Boggle. If you enjoy word games you will most likely find this highly addictive! Tons of fun and well worth the $1.99.