30 Second Tips - Text To Speech

This is the 22nd post in a series called 30 Second Tips. My goal is to show you how to do some neat stuff in 30 seconds or less!

Perhaps you are in the kitchen washing some dishes or preparing a meal and you've been meaning to get around to reading that article your friend sent you but can never seem to find the time.

You could have your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch running iOS 5 read the article for you! Let me show you how!

Tap on the Settings app.


Tap on Accessibility.


Tap on Speak Selection.


Tap on the Off toggle to turn on Speak Selection.


You can edit how fast your iOS device will read to you. I would recommend no faster than the setting I have if you want to understand what is being read to you.


To have your iOS device read text to you all you have to do is select some text and tap on Speak.


You can watch Text To Speech in action in the video below.

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