30 Second Tips - Gift An App

This is the 27th post in a series called 30 Second Tips. My goal is to show you how to do some neat stuff in 30 seconds or less!

Have you ever found an app that you thought a friend, family member, or co-worker might enjoy using? This is also great for employers who want to purchase apps for their employees. If you want to surprise someone you can "gift" an app to them!

Navigate to the App Store and find the app that you want to gift.


Scroll down and tap on Gift This App


The next screen will allow you to confirm that you have chosen the correct app. Tap on Next button to continue.

Note: You can't use iTunes Gift Card credits to gift an app to a friend. It will charge your credit/debit card directly.


On this screen you type in your name, the recipient's name and the recipient's email address.


You can also include a personal message.


Now all you have to do is confirm that you want to gift the app by tapping the Buy Gift button in the lower right corner.


Once you have gifted the app you will see the following screen. You could gift the same app to someone else if you so desired by tapping the Buy Gift button in the lower right corner.


Receiving An App

I asked my friend Eric to describe the experience of receiving a gifted app. Here is what he had to say.

Found it. It went to my spam box. Something to look out for. Really easy. Took about 1 min.

Here are the screen shots of the process to redeem a gifted app.


One More Thing About Gifting Apps

If you gift an app to someone and they already own the app you can login to your iTunes account via the iTunes app on your Mac or PC and choose to send it to another person. Unfortunately, there is no refunds if you gift an app and they already own it so it might be worth checking with them before you do it!


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