The Tech I Use - Scanner Pro

This is the 5th post in series called The Tech I Use. If you would like to see the comprehensive list of technology I use click here.

For a long time I have wanted to go "paperless", but I have never quite figured out the right workflow. Scanning stuff with a typical scanner is too time intensive and I never really wanted to invest in a special scanner for scanning receipts and business cards.

I recently discovered Scanner Pro by Readdle. This app has changed the game for me! Using the camera on your iPhone or iPad you take a picture of a receipt, document, business card or whatever else you want to scan and it intelligently selects the edges of the document and saves it as a PDF file. You can scan multi-page documents and add, move, delete, and even combine pages.

Scanner Pro has built in support for iCloud so you can sync your scanned documents to your other iOS devices. They have recently added support for Dropbox, Google Drive, and Evernote.

You can email a scanned document as well as print it via an AirPrint printer.

For that random situation where you need to fax a document to someone you can scan it with Scanner Pro and fax through the app. It's crazy cool! Note: I have not tested the fax feature because I don't even know who I would fax something too.

This is an extremely easy to use app that has allowed me to quickly scan receipts and all other random sheets of paper that I don't want cluttering up my pockets and my desk.

I would highly recommend it at it's normal price of $6.99 (that's what I paid). If you are reading this blog post on August 1st or August 2nd you can snag it for $1.99 because it's on sale to celebrate Readdle's 5th birthday. Grab it now in the App Store!