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In life, there are many things that a person must/should do on a regular basis. Some examples from my life include:

  • Taking out the trash and recyling bins every other Tuesday.
  • Paying my American Express bill each month.
  • Paying rent each month.
  • Approving my timesheet every other Wednesday at the church I work at during the summer.
  • Paying various student loans each month.
  • Replacing tooth brush every three months.
  • Buzzing my hair every six weeks.
  • Buying birthday gifts for family members once per year.
  • Buying tickets to a show we like at Apple Valley High School once per year.

In the past, I would find myself forgetting to do one of these things. The real important items like paying bills were never forgotten, but the random things like replacing a tooth brush or buying a birthday gift for a family member would often get lost in the shuffle (it's not because I am forgetful, it's because I am really busy or at least that is what I like to tell myself).

I discovered an app called Due. Due allows me to set up reminders for tasks that have to be done over and over again.

This is what Due looks like on the iPad.

This is what Due looks like on the iPad.

I choose not to put these types of tasks on my calendar because I like to reserve the calendar for appointments, classes, and other events that have a strict time frame. I choose not to use the built in Reminders app in iOS for these types of tasks because it doesn't offer as much flexibility.

Setting up a new reminder is very easy in Due. You tap on the + sign in the upper right hand corner.


You type in a title for your reminder and choose a time for Due to alert you.


If you would like the reminder to repeat itself, you can choose how often the reminder will repeat itself (daily, weekly, first Monday of every month, yearly, etc).


By default, DUE repeatedly notifies you of overdue reminders every minute with its auto snoozing feature until you mark them complete, reschedule them, or turn off their auto snooze. You can change auto snooze to remind you every hour. I set auto snooze to keep reminding me every minute for time sensitive things like taking out the trash & recycling bins (the constant buzzing and noises coming from your device prompts me to take action). For things that are a bit less time sensitive (like rotating the bed), I typically set auto snooze to remind me every hour.

Note: You can turn auto snooze off if you want.


You can also customize the sound that each alert makes. Perhaps you want to have a more obnoxious sound for the more time sensitive tasks so you are motivated to take care of the task sooner. Some people like to use different tones to indicate works related reminders compared to home related reminders.


If your iPad buzzes while you are at the coffee shop with a friend reminding you to replace you tooth brush you can postpone the reminder by tapping on a button. You can postpone reminders by 10 minutes, 1 hour, or 1 day.


Due is an Universal app which means that you can purchase it once and use it on both an iPhone and an iPad. You can sync your reminders via iCloud. Due cost $4.99 and has been instrumental in helping me not forget stuff.

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