Upgrade To Yosemite?

Yosemite sounds pretty good. Do you recommend the upgrade? Anything to watch out for?
— Multiple People

Thoughts About Yosemite From People I Trust

OS X Yosemite is free, so if you want to update, nothing’s stopping you. The final few development versions were extremely stable, and I’ve been using Yosemite on my primary Mac for a couple of months now with very few glitches.

As with any operating-system update, there will be quirks and bugs and incompatibilities, and there’s no way to tell if one of them will bite you. All I can tell you is that I’ve been using it and find it solid. If you find the features that Yosemite offers appealing, I recommend that you upgrade. Handoff and AirDrop are my two favorite features to date, though I’m hoping that iCloud Drive and the Today view in Notification Center will become favorites as well, once more app developers adopt them.
— Jason Snell from SixColors.com
The standard rules apply. Don’t upgrade until all the applications you care about are compatible. Make sure you have good backups. Point-zero releases are always a little more risky. Wait for version 10.10.1 if you’re nervous.
— John Siracusa from ArsTechnica

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