Net Neutrality - Ways to Take Action

In this blog post, Chris Pahl from Nice Guy Technology LLC shares what Net Neutrality is and what you can do to make your voice heard about keeping it in place! Let us keep the Internet a free and open space!


Email - FCC

If you prefer to email the members of the FCC that are against Net Neutrality their addresses are, mike.o',

An example email you can use is the following: 

Net Neutrality is the cornerstone of innovation, free speech and democracy on the Internet. Control over the Internet should remain in the hands of the people who use it every day. The ability to share information without impediment is critical to the progression of technology, science, small business, and culture. Please stand with the public by protecting Net Neutrality once and for all.

Email - House of Representatives
If you want to contact your representative in the House visit and type in your zip code in the top right hand side to find your particular person that represents you.

Email - Senators
If you want to contact your senators visit and send an email about saving Net Neutrality so we as the public can continue to use the Internet without additional costs, sites being blocked and or slowed down.

Phone Call
If you prefer to make a phone call visit If you click on this link choose “Demand the FCC Maintain Net Neutrality”. There are example scripts on what to say as well!