Buying Advice - Apple Computers - Spring 2012

This is the first post in a series called Buying Advice. My goal is to help you make informed buying decisions about technology.

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If you or someone you know is in the market for a new Apple computer, I would advise to wait a bit longer if possible. You wouldn't want to purchase a new MacBook Pro to find out that Apple came out with a new one a month later that is thinner, faster, and has better battery life.

The rumors are all pointing to all new notebook computers from Apple at the beginning of June. I typically take rumors with a grain of salt and I wouldn't bother sharing with my friends, family members, and clients if I didn't believe them to be true. After following the Apple rumor mill for the past seven years and working at Apple for five of them I have a pretty good feeling for which rumors are legit and which are not. The most recent rumor confirmed by Bloomberg today states the following:

The MacBook Pro machines, to be unveiled at Apple’s annual developers conference starting June 11, also will feature high- definition screens like those on the iPhone and iPad, as well as flash memory to cut startup times and extend battery life, said the people, who asked not to be identified because the plans haven’t been made public.

The reason I believe that this rumor is fact is that when Apple makes substantial changes to the look of one of their marquee products they like to do it at a public event. Their World Wide Developers Conference is well covered by the media and new computers will get plenty of free press. I wouldn't be surprised to see updates to the rest of Apple's computer line either at the same time as the MacBook Pro or within a couple weeks of the event.

Apple's computers have last been updated:

MacBook Pro: Oct. 2011 (update within 2 months very likely)
MacBook Air: July 2011 (update within 2 months very likely)
iMac: May 2011 (update way overdue)
Mac Mini: July 2011 (update within 2 months very likely)

If you are in need of a new Apple computer today because your old computer died or your company is offering to purchase you one right now I wouldn't feel too bad. The current lineup of Mac computers are fantastic and will do everything that you need them to do.

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