Wireless Routers

Often when I am working with a client they will ask me to take a look at their wireless router or wireless printer.

Prior to recording Episode 10 of Football & French Toast I mentioned this fact to Chris & Bobbie and they decided to put together a fairly entertaining ad for Nice Guy Technology. You can listen to it by clicking the play button below.

During the ad Bobbie mentions that you want to have a password on your wireless router to prevent other people from doing illegal things on your connection. Here's a good article from the Huffington Post titled Innocent Man Accused Of Child Pornography After Neighbor Pirates His WiFi. If that doesn't scare you into password protecting your wireless router I don't know what would. Also, Wi-Fi moochers may be slowing down your connection and people connected to your network may also have access to some of your shared folders.

So if you are having troubles with your wireless router or printer don't crawl into a ball give Mike Pahl a call!