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iPhone Battery Information

In this blog post, you will hear Mike Pahl from Nice Guy Technology LLC inform you of what is going on with the iPhone, batteries, and performance slow downs. Learn more about this topic on Apple's website by visiting the following link: iPhone Battery and Performance

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Ask The Nice Guy - Portable Battery Packs, iPad Messaging, Selling Old Smartphones

This is the 16th post in a series called Ask The Nice Guy. In this series I will attempt to provide answers to the various questions I get asked throughout the week.

What’s inside? Here are the questions answered in this blog post, boiled down to five word (or less) summaries.

  1. Portable Battery Pack
  2. Texting From iPad
  3. Sell Old Smartphone

QUESTION 1: Which Portable Battery Pack Would You Recommend?

The kids gave us a smart phone for Christmas, and I would like to buy a battery pack charger. Hopefully, one that I could use to charge all of my devices (Kindle, iPod, iPhone, and iPad). What do you recommend?

A portable battery pack can be a great buy for people who travel and want to make sure that they don't find themselves in a position where they can't use their device because they forgot to charge it the night before and now you have a four hour wait at the airport (outlets at airports are always at a premium).

Based on my research I would recommend the Satechi 10000 MaH Portable Energy Station Extended Battery Charger Pack.

It costs around $60 and should work with most gadgets out there (not laptops). It has two USB ports on it so you can charge your smart phone and another device at the same time. At a full charge the Satechi should be able to fully charge an iPhone 5 six times and have a little juice leftover.

QUESTION 2: How Does Texting Work From The iPad?

Why can I text some people from my iPad and not others (yet I can do those from my iPhone)?

The iPhone & iPad both have an app called Messages. The Messages app on the iPhone is capable of sending traditional text messages (SMS/MMS) while the Messages app on the iPad is not capable of sending traditional text messages (SMS/MMS).

The Messages app on the iPhone & iPad can send iMessages. iMessages can only be sent to other Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Macs).

The reason you are able to "text" some people from your iPad is due to the fact that the iPad can send an iMessage to people you know that have an iPhone and/or iPad and have also registered their phone number or email address with iMessage.

To learn more about iMessage visit Apple's website


I recently upgraded to a new iPhone and want to try and get some money for my previous phone (HTC Incredible 2). What are some of my best options for selling an used smartphone?

You can always sell used items on Craiglist and eBay. I am going to recommend a couple websites that are dedicated to either purchasing your used smartphone (Gazelle) or helping you sell your used smartphone to another buyer (Swappa).

Gazelle makes it really easy to sell your used smartphone. If you aren't selling one of the more popular phones (iPhone, Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4) you may not be offered a very good price though.

  • Find your item on If the item is not on our website, unfortunately we do not accept it. Please do NOT select an item if it does not exactly match your item exactly, we will not be able to offer you anything for it.
  • Once you've found your item, let us know what condition its in by answering a few questions. Please remember the rating of "Flawless" would be for an item which appears and functions as if it has never been used.
  • If you like our offer just complete the checkout process and tell us how you'd like to get paid: Check, PayPal or gift card.
  • Shipping is FREE! We'll even send you a box for qualified orders (small electronics over $30.00).
  • Our offer is good for 30 days but the faster you send it in, the quicker you'll get paid.
  • Once we receive your box, the Gazelle team will check out the contents and pay you quickly.

Swappa allows you to list and sell your smartphone on a site dedicated for buyers and sellers of smartphones.

  • No seller fees! Swappa does not charge listing or insertion fees. Buyer pays a flat "sale fee" only when listing sells.
  • Get paid faster. A listing is not considered sold until the buyer pays.
  • Our support staff are experienced mobile users. We are actually helpful and appreciate your business.
  • Just mobile devices... Swappa is easy to use because it's just for buying and selling mobile devices.
  • We use PayPal too, so you are protected.

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5 Things - Week Ending 4/26/13

This is the 43rd post in a series called 5 Things. Each week I will share a combination of technology articles and apps that I have discovered and liked in the past week. Anything highlighted in blue is a link to an article, an app, or another section of my website.

Social networks offer platforms for us to share everything on the Internet, from our relationship statuses to our political leanings and photos of our pets and children. But some people are discovering that what they share on Facebook, Twitter and other platforms constitutes evidence that can be used against them in a court of law.

In the digital age that we live in you have to super careful of what you post online. This articles gives various examples of people posting things on a social network website and then end up having it used against them in a court of law.

My general rule of thumb is that you shouldn't post anything on the internet that you wouldn't want your mother or the police to see.

Internet sales tax, here we come?

Dara Kerr:

Internet tax supporters, with backing from Walmart, Macy’s, and Best Buy, are hoping a Senate vote will give them enough political leverage to require Americans to pay sales tax whenever buying goods online. This could usher in the first national Internet sales tax ever.

Traditional retailers are proponents of a national internet sales tax so it will help them even the odds against internet retailers. The law currently specifies that internet retailers only have to collect sales tax if they have a physical store in the state. Since does not have a store or warehouse in Minnesota, they don't have to collect sales tax.

People are suppose to self report sales tax at the end of the year when they file their taxes, but many people don't. This new law, if it passes, will force all online retailers to collect sales tax.

Battery Breakthrough Offers 30 Times More Power, Charges 1,000 Times Faster

Charlie White:

Imagine what a battery with this kind of power could do to our world, which is increasingly dependent on energy storage devices. Electric cars could become a lot more practical and recharge in less than the time it takes to fill up a gas tank. Solar power could be stored easily overnight with incredible efficiency, and many devices that now must be plugged in could be powered by these super batteries.

A significant advance in battery technology like the one described above would change the world in a dramatic way. We could decrease our dependence on fossil fuels. Mobile devices would become even thinner while providing enough power to last through multiple days.

I really hope this comes to fruition.

The Only Thing Apple Really Sells

Brian Barrett:

An iPhone isn’t just an iPhone. It’s access to nearly a million apps that only work on Apple products, to 1.5 million books that you can’t read on a Kindle. It’s a remote for your Apple TV, a place to pluck your iTunes music and movies out of thin air. You don’t buy an iPhone for the A6 processor or for iOS 6. You buy an iPhone for Apple, every bit as much as you buy a Chromebook Pixel for Google or an Xbox for Microsoft.

When you purchase an Apple product you are buying more than just a phone, tablet, or computer. You are buying the iTunes Store, iBooks Store, the App Store, iCloud, AirPrint, AirPlay, and so much more.

Apple is one of the very few companies that does the hardware, software, and services. Other companies are starting to see the value in controlling the whole "widget", but they have a long ways to catch up to the ecosystem that Apple has created.

How Technology Helped FBI Narrow Field Of Bombing Suspects

Steve Henn:

In today’s society, there are sensors almost everywhere - and I’m not just talking about surveillance cameras or even things like automatic license plate readers. Most of us walk around with a cell phone in our pocket, and it comes complete with a camera and microphone of its own. So, anytime you’re in a crowd, chances are someone is rolling.

Technology helped investigators in figuring out who was responsible for the Boston Marathon bombings. NPR has a good piece on this topic. Visit NPR's website to listen to the audio.

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30 Second Tips - Mac Battery Health

This is the 35th post in a series called 30 Second Tips. My goal is to show you how to do some neat stuff in 30 seconds or less!

As your Mac gets older you may notice that your battery may not last as long as it use too.

According to MacRumor's Laptop Battery Guide:

Your battery carries a certain maximum charge. Every time your fully deplete the power equal to one maximum charge, your battery has gone through one cycle. For example, if your battery has a maximum charge of 5000 mAh (milliamp Hour), and you use this charge once (all 5000 milliamp hours), then you will have used one cycle. If you don’t use the entire charge at once (which is more likely, as most of us commute or need to charge our notebooks whenever we have the opportunity), the calculation remains fairly basic.

You have a fully charged battery (5000 mAh) and you use 2000 mAh in one sitting, charge it up back to 5000 mAh, and then use another 1000 mAh. How much have you used? The answer is 60% of one cycle. Why? 2000 mAh=40% of one cycle 1000 mAh=20% of one cycle Total=3000 mAh, or 60% of one cycle.

Thus, your battery goes through cycles on a fairly straight-forward basis; there is no need to fully deplete your battery every time.

There is a neat little app available from the Mac App Store called Battery Health. It informs you of the health of your battery.

To download Battery Health you can click on the link that I have included or open the Mac App Store and search for Battery Health.

To download click on the Free button.


Then click on the Install App button.


Enter the Apple ID & Password for your App Store account. If you have never downloaded anything from one of Apple's stores (iTunes, App Store, iBooks) then you will be prompted to create an account.


You can launch Battery Health by clicking on the Finder, navigating to your Applications folder, and double clicking the icon for Battery Health.


By default, Batter Health runs in the Menu Bar at the top of the screen. To view the app you must click on the little lightning bolt in the Menu Bar.


Battery Health will show you the current charge level, the health of your battery, estimated time remaining based on current charge for various activities, and details about your battery.


5 Things - Week Ending 6/22/12

This is the 13th post in a series called 5 Things. Each week I will share a combination of technology articles and apps that I have discovered and liked in the past week. Anything highlighted in blue is a link to an article, an app, or another section of my website.

Squeeze the Most Juice Out of Your iPhone or iPad Battery

“Battery” symbol shown above is by Arjun Mahanti, from The Noun Project collection and can be found at

Ben Jackson:

Pop quiz: Your hiking guide is suddenly mistaken for an afternoon snack by a bloodthirsty grizzly bear, leaving you stuck in the middle of the woods somewhere far from civilization. Let's assume, for the sake of argument, that you somehow manage to escape the bear. You have 38% battery left on your iPhone, and luckily you use Verizon, so you actually have a signal and can use the Maps app. How will you make sure your battery lasts long enough that you don't get lost and die of exposure or dehydration before you make it to the nearest town?

While the above sounds very exciting, the much more likely scenario is that you it's the end of the work day and you are expecting an important phone call from a client that you can't miss and your battery is at less than 10%. This is a great wiki article that gives you some pointers on how to squeeze every last bit of juice out of your iPhone or iPad battery.

I would encourage to give it a read. The most basic tip I can give you is to turn down the brightness of your device. One of the biggest power drains on any electronic is the screen. By bringing the brightness of your device by a few notches, you will enjoy longer battery life.

Virgin Mobile's $30 iPhone Plan Gamble

Jamie Lendino:

The thing is, American consumers are allergic to high upfront prices. We live in a culture of financing. We've already seen this play out with unlocked phones, which without exception fail miserably in our market. Aside from the stray phone geek or world traveler, few people in the U.S. want to spend $549 up front when they can get a subsidized phone for $99.

In a week, Virgin Mobile will start selling the iPhone 4 and 4S at full price with plans starting at $30 for 300 minutes, unlimited data, and unlimited texting. If you need more minutes you can pay $40 per month and get 1200 minutes.

It's almost been two years since I last have owned an iPhone. I gave it up because I could not justify the high monthly cost and never liked the idea of having a two year contract. Virgin Mobile (Sprint's prepaid division) offer of paying full price for the iPhone and a much lower monthly cost (no contract) is very appealing to me.

I think I might be selling my digital camera, TomTom, iPod Touch, and Ting PrePaid phone in the coming days and will replace them all with an iPhone 4S from Virgin Mobile.

Microsoft Surface

Microsoft announced their very own tablet called Surface this past week to compete with the iPad. It looks like an intriguing product. I would like to know more about how much it will cost, how long the battery lasts, and how well it actually works.

I am very much an Apple enthusiast, but I really hope that the Microsoft Surface is phenomenal. It would give consumers choice and keep Apple on its toes to continue pushing the iPad forward.

Surface vs. iPad: Microsoft's Getting Rusty Stealing from Apple

Microsoft copying Apple is nothing new. Microsoft has tried copying the iPod with the Zune, the iPhone with Windows Phones, the Apple Stores with Microsoft Stores, and now they are trying to copy the iPad with the Surface.

It's crazy how similar the introduction of the Surface is to the introduction of the iPad. I have watched both introductions and there was a few things that stood out to me.

The first was that web surfing actually worked when Apple demoed it. This is a pretty crucial part of the tablet experience and Microsoft was unable to demonstrate it during the introduction. That doesn't exactly inspire confidence.

The second thing that stood out was that Apple shared the price and it was below expectations of everyone. Microsoft did not share any information about pricing. My guess is that it will be similar or slightly higher than the iPad because Microsoft doesn't have the economy of scales that Apple has in the hardware world.

The third and final thing was that Apple introduced the iPad 28 months ago. By the time the Surface will be available Apple will have shipped three generations of the iPad and two massive software upgrades. It's going to be hard for Microsoft to catch up to Apple in this space.


If you like travel or photography you need to download TRVL for your iPad. This digital only magazine dedicates entire issues on specific aspects of a culture or city. It if filled with amazing photos and tons of fascinating information.

There are over 60 free issues available for download. You can learn about Irish Pubs in Dublin, Belly Dancing in Cairo, Great Wall in China, Rich vs Poor in Moscow, Think Different in San Francisco, and so much more.

Photographers will love that many of the photos the speed, aperture, ISO, camera, and lens that were used to take the photo.